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 OGP Info site

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PostSubject: OGP Info site   Fri Apr 09, 2010 4:40 pm

Crime City

Information :

Guild Name: Crime City
Guild Homepage:
Guild Level: 2
Guild Home Square: Doesn't matter where we are, as long as we stand as one!
Focus: Players who are strong enough to solo and have fun killing in party.
Guild Leaders/subs :
Raxzu - Lumi

I wont start inviting randomly players, even if in the end i will be only one in guild.
Crime city is for people who can do anything their own but still like to team up with others.

If you would really like to join, there are 3 requests:
Firstly, you have to be near rebirth (with the book) or all ready have at least 1 rebirth.
Secondly, you have to love killing, may it be in pvp or in stage, who cares, but as long as you enjoy it.
Thirdly, you have to play acceptable in a team, even thought you are used to soloing most of the time.

Guild events :

Coming soon.

Joining the Guild:

Guild joining ways:
1. Look for Lumi and ask for a task to get in.
2. Apply on guild forum and wait for answer.(you'll brolly get a task)

About tasks:
1. Firstly,i will tell you an item name and you'll have to go get it for me. For Example, i tell you to get 1 rusty coin and you'll go and kill enough pirates till you get 1. "Completing the map doesn't matter at all."
2. Secondly, I'll ask you to do a duo map with me. It will usually be 6-10L. The only criteria is that you can't die.
3. thirdly, I'll ask you a random question about Lunia.

During the day,we stay silent,During the night,all hell breaks loose, mwahahahahah!


If you think anything should be changed/added just inform me.

I need more blood,
I need your blood.
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OGP Info site
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