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 Rules for all puppets in forum!

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PostSubject: Rules for all puppets in forum!   Fri Jun 05, 2009 9:00 am

Forum rules!

Here will i add all rules (no shiit scratch )

Plz do not upload images here, use images hack or something!
(That's cuz i have only low space to use here....)

Rules for starting new topic
1.Choose wisely were you post your topic!
2.Do not do same topic twice!
3. Your topic has to have content. (except for random chat)
4. Try to write understandable!

1.Do not advertise other forums in here!!!!!!!!
2. Post reasonable and prudent text
3. No double posting. (Modify your old one!)
4.Images should not be over 800x800px max
5.It is prohibited to reproach or taunt the other users, discuss the issue of piracy. It is prohibited to post spyware incl. keylogers. It is also forbidden to off topic or write too short. Other avatars, and signatures stealing is prohibited.
6.Bad post will be deleted!!!!!!!!!!

Signature, avatar & profile settings
1. Signature can be 500x300px
2. Avatar can be 150x200px. Can't be bigger then 64 KB.

Warnings and banns!
1.Don't sell game money!
2.Can't own more then 1 account (in forum)!

Report someone...

PM me!

1) do not report 1 thing 2 times!
2) If u don't see problems... then do not report... i repeat do not report it!!!
3) If u post if cuz u don't like it ... i can't do mail him.
(Sorry for bad grammar)

I need more blood,
I need your blood.
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Rules for all puppets in forum!
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